Florida Reef Rock
The Premium Aquarium Rock

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Boxed Florida Reef Rock

Our Premium Reef Rock conveniently packed in 50 lb boxes. Mixed sizes assures you of great aquascaping in your aquarium. Create caves, ledges and walls with an artistic flair.

$98 per box
shipped in the lower 48 states only.

50 lb box of FL Reef Rock  

$80 per box picked up and paid for at our location.

Call before coming - 772 979-0786



Bulk Florida Reef Rock

Pick out your own rock. By coming to our location you can hand pick from a variety of sizes and configurations. Stack it the way you visualize it in your reef tank. Get just the look you want.

$2.50 per pound.


We also have FL Reef Rock as LR

$2.50 per pound

Paid at the time of pick up at our location. Please call before coming to be sure of availability. 772 979-0786





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